NeuroShell Trader Quick Start Videos

Here is a list of the key videos to get you up and running with NeuroShell Trader.

IT ALL STARTS WITH A CHART—                                                      

Create a chart and save itCharts may include multiple securities.

Add data from other securities to your chart Use that data to build trading rules, predictions and indicators.

Add chart pages Automatically apply your model to other securities.  Choose to customize for each security.

User chart templates – Store your favorite trading systems for later use with different securities.

Sample chart templates – Easily apply standard technical analysis studies.


Insert an indicator – Add one of our 800 indicators to a chart.

Modify an indicatorUse the indicator wizard to change the data stream or number of periods or other parameters used to calculate an indicator.

Indicator shortcutsBuild indicators with multiple parameters, set optimization ranges, etc.

Custom indicatorsTurn on the option for custom indicators and create your own indicator categories.


Build a trading strategy Create your rules in the Trading Strategy wizard.

Setting optimization rangesChoose what to optimize and learn how to set appropriate ranges.

Built–in trading strategy templates Choose from popular systems such as RSI or Moving Average Crossovers.

Save your own trading strategy templatesDevelop a library of trading rules that may be applied to any market.


Learn about neural nets Understand how neural nets learn to make predictions from patterns in past data.

Create your own predictionCreate a prediction model with standard indicators.

Save your prediction templateSave your custom predictions for use in other charts.

Built-in prediction templatesChoose from templates based on popular indicators.

What to predict and which inputs to useLearn how to build successful predictions.

How to combine predictions with trading rulesDiscover two methods for adding predictions to trading strategies.

Learn More—

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