Indicator Shortcuts Video


We’ll let you in on a few simple indicator shortcuts.


If you specify multiple parameters, more than one indicator will be created. For example, in this moving average indicator, we’ll double click on the close and select the high, low and close. Click finished and moving averages based on the high, low, and close are graphed on the chart.


To specify multiple numeric parameters, separate each value by a comma (or a semi-colon if Windows uses a semi-colon as the list separator for your region). For example, we’ll modify our moving average of the close and specify a moving average size of 5, 10. Clicking finished again creates moving averages of the close based on 5 and 10 periods.


To specify a range of parameters, separate the start of the range from the end of the range with a colon. For example, specifying a moving average size of 4:10 will create 7 different moving averages.

You may also place an increment value after the end value, again separated by a colon. For example, specifying a moving average size of 4:10:2 will create moving averages with sizes of 4, 6, 8, and 10.


In many cases, the Indicator Wizard allows you to double click to proceed to the next step. For example, when you’re selecting an Indicator Category, you can double click on the selected category and you’ll jump to the list of indicators in that category without clicking on the Next button.

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