Modifying Indicator Default Parameters Video


The Indicator Wizard displays the parameters that are used to calculate the indicators. The indicators are preset with smart default values but it’s easy to change them. Either click on the Modify Parameter button or double click on the parameter you wish to change. If the parameter is a data stream such as close, you can choose a different data stream such as the open or another indicator. For this example, Instead of calculating the simple moving average based on the close, we’ll choose the RSI indicator. Click on the indicator button, find the Price Momentum category, and then select RSI.


You can also change parameter values. Instead of the default 5 periods for the moving average, we’ll double click on the 5 and type in 10 in the edit box.


After you’ve made the desired changes, click the Finish button to end the Wizard and add the 10 period moving average of the RSI indicator to the chart.

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