Create a Price Chart and Save It Video


To create a new chart, go to the File menu and select New. The Chart Wizard displays a choice of two Basic Charts, price or price volume, as well as Popular Systems, which are the subject of a separate video.


The Wizard next asks you to select a time frame and how far back to load data. We’ll work on a daily chart and load it back to 2007. The next screen lets you select an instrument category, and now you can select either a symbol or name of the instrument. You can begin typing – look for Duke Energy – and you also select more than one – so we can also build a Southern Company chart as well. Click finished and the charts are displayed on the screen. If you selected more than one, you have to go up to either the symbol or name box and select the drop down list to view the other chart.


To save a chart, choose the File menu and select Save Chart, type in a name. – we’ll call this one our energy chart, and click the save button.

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