NeuroShell Trader interfaces with via the TurboFeed Manager. NeuroShell Trader will connect to the TurboFeed Manager when initiating a session with . If the TurboFeed Manager is not already running, NeuroShell Trader will automatically initiate it. If you close the TurboFeed Manager at any time, NeuroShell Trader may loose any connection to and no data will be updated.

If an internet connection is not automatically established when the TurboFeed Manager attempts to connect to the server, you may need to establish an internet connection manually by loading your internet browser before TurboFeed Manager tries to connect to the server.

The NeuroShell Trader comes with a large number of predefined ticker symbols that can be requested from a data server. However, you may find that there are other ticker symbols that you wish to receive from the data server that are not already predefined (stock options, futures contracts, initial public offerings, ‘).

To add a single instrument or a small number of instruments you should add them using the Chart Wizard. To go to the chart wizard select New Chart from the File menu. After selecting the start date, periodicity, and instrument type you may add additional instruments by selecting the Add New Ticker Symbol button.

If you need to add a large number of instruments refer to Adding New Data Server Ticker Symbols for more information.

  • If has never been run, NeuroShell Trader will be unable to find it. In order for NeuroShell Trader to find it run please run , then retry to setup as your Data Server.
  • NeuroShell will now connect with OnDemand account starting with version 6.2. Note that OnDemand accounts are limited to loading of historical daily and minute bars.  Because there are no historical tick by tick bars, NST will be unable to create second, volume or range bars when using OnDemand accounts.  Additionally, OnDemand accounts do not provide real time streaming updates, so when using an OnDemand account, you will have to right mouse click and select recalculate in order for NST to reload newer data from an OnDemand account.


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