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If you’ve spent a lot of time combining the standard indicators into a highly complex indicator, you can save that indicator as a custom indicator for use in other charts.


In this simple example, we used the standard DMI indicator. We’ve changed the default periods from 10 to 27.

To save it as a custom indicator, right click, select modify selected indicator, and select it and then you can click on the Save Indicator button. If that’s not visible, then you can go to the options button and turn on the option to Save/Modify Custom Indictors and turn on the option. You can give it a name. We’ll call this DMI custom and you can either save it in the Custom category or create your own.


If you want to do something with the parameters for that indicator or add a help file, click on the Advanced button. You can give it a password, link it to a help file or, for example, you can change the Exponential Average periods. You can set it as a default of 27 with an optimization range of 1 to 27. You can lock it by typing in 27 to 27, and you can even hide it from the user. So now when the indicator is displayed on the chart it doesn’t have any parameter for periods.

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