What are Trading Strategies?

Trading Strategies are a way of implementing a set of mechanical rules to determine when to buy and sell an instrument or a set of instruments. Trading Strategies enable you to develop a systematic approach to trading, test how a system does in the past, and use signals from the system to place trades into the future.

The NeuroShell Trader Trading Strategy Wizard makes it easy to test and implement Trading Strategies. You will be able to create strategies that do any of the following:

  • Trade Long and/or short positions
  • Limit losses with Trailing stops
  • Trade with market, limit, stop, stop limit, and market on close orders
  • Test strategies with commissions, margin, slippage and point value
  • Trade a fixed number of shares/contracts, a fixed dollar amount, or a growing number of shares/contracts as profits are made.


  • It should be understood that trading can result in losses, and that past performance of a trading system is no guarantee of future performance.


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