Volume Life Force: Volume Weighted MovAvg Difference

Abbreviation: VolLifeForce VolWgtAvg Diff
Category: Volume: Smoothed
Input Parameters:

Name Range Default
Closing Price Close
Volume Volume
VolWgtAvg1 Periods Int >= 1 5
VolWgtAvg2 Periods Int >= 1 10


VolWgtAvg(X, Volume, VolWgtAvg1 Periods) – VolWgtAvg(X, Volume, VolWgtAvg2 Periods)

X = VolLifeForce: Raw(Closing Price, Volume)

VolLifeForce: Raw represents Volume Life Force: Raw
VolWgtAvg represents Volume Weighted Moving Average


This indicator attempts to quantify movements in the Volume Life Force indicator by calculating the difference between two moving averages. Since it uses volume weighted moving averages (which give more importance to those periods with higher volume relative to the other periods in the moving average’s time frame), the indicator tends to focus more upon movement between periods of relatively higher volume than between periods of relatively lower volume.

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