Watching the following videos is the fastest way to learn the mechanics of using the NeuroShell Trader. Once you’ve mastered the mechanics, you can begin to craft successful trading systems.
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Getting Started Watch the videos, set up a data source, and learn how to get help. Getting Started Video Script


Create a price chart and save it ‘ Go the File Menu and select New Chart. You’ll be asked to specify the time frame and ticker symbol. Create a price chart and save it video script

Open an existing chart ‘ From the File Menu select Open Chart and browse the directory which includes a previously saved chart that you want to open. Open an existing chart video script

Format data series ‘ Change the name, color, or line style of a data series. Format data series video script

Chart views ‘ In addition to the default chart, you can view a snapshot of data values, historical data, or an entire portfolio. Chart views video script

Email a chart ‘ Send a chart with data to another user or tech support. Email a chart video script

Zoom controls ‘ Click on the magnifying glass for a closer look of your data. Zoom controls

Existing Data and Other Instrument Data ‘ Display other data from the chart or other instruments. Existing Data and Other Instrument Data Video Script

Drag and drop subgraphs ‘ Rearrange subgraphs on the chart using the mouse. Drag and drop subgraphs video script

Format a chart ‘ Right click on the chart to change dates, height, and colors. Format a chart video script

Deleting DataRename a data series, or delete data from a chart. Deleting Data Video Script

Drawing tools ‘ trend lines, channels, Fibbonaci retracements, lines, text, and more. Drawing tools video script

User chart templates ‘ Store your favorite charts for later use. User chart templates video script

Trader Chart Templates ‘ Easily apply standard technical analysis studies in the NeuroShell Trader. Trader Chart Templates Video Script

Workspaces ‘ Save your favorite charts in a workspace that may be opened all at once. Workspaces Video Script

Add Chart PagesAutomatically apply your model to other instruments. Add Chart Pages Video Script

Display Multiple ChartsOpen more than one chart and arrange them on the screen. Display Multiple Charts Video Script


Indicator optionsUse the Tools menu, options for wizards, to select indicator categories to display, move categories up and down, display different colors for multiple indicators, select the option to save custom indicators or a DayTrader option to cross day boundaries. Indicator options video script

Insert an IndicatorInsert one of the more than 800 indicators. Insert an indicator video script

Modifying Indicator Default ParametersChange the number of periods over which to calculate an indicator such as Relative Strength Index, the number of periods in a moving average, etc. Modifying Indicator Default Parameters Video Script

Indicator shortcutsBuild indicators with multiple parameters, parameter ranges, etc. Indicator shortcuts video script

Complex indicatorsUse either the bottom up or top down method to build multipart indicators. Complex indicators video script

Bottom up methodCreate individual indicators and then combine them into a complex indicator. Bottom up method video script

Top down method ‘ Construct a single indicator based on other indicators. Top down method video script

Custom IndicatorsTurn on the option for custom indicators and create your own indicator categories. Custom Indicators Video Script

Building Trading Models

Traditional Trading Strategies

Build a Trading StrategyCreate trading rules based on the an indicator with the Trading Strategy wizard. Build a Trading Strategy Video Script

DatesSelect dates for building and testing your model. Dates Video Script

SizingSpecify the size of trades similar to your trading style to accurately calculate profit and commissions. Sizing Video Script

CostsEnter commissions, margin percentage, slippage, point values for futures or Forex, or the home currency for cross pairs. Costs Video Script

AdvancedSelect an objective for building the model, choose from four different optimization methods, set limits on how long to train the model, and specify an average trade span. Advanced Video Script

Setting Optimization RangesChoose whether or not to optimize parameters in trading rules, and set optimization ranges for parameters you select. Setting Optimization Ranges Video Script

Session Start/End TimesSpecify the first time and last time displayed on the chart and used in calculations. Session Start/End Times Video Script

Built-in Trading Strategy TemplatesChoose from popular systems such as RSI or Moving Average Crossovers. Built-in Trading Strategy Templates Video Script

Save Trading Strategy TemplateDevelop a library of trading rules that may be applied to any market. Save Trading Strategy Template Video Script

Neural Network Predictions

Neural Nets OverviewUnderstand how neural nets learn to make predictions from patterns in past data. Neural Nets Overview Video Script

Create Your Own PredictionCreate a prediction model with price momentum and regression slope indicators. Create Your Own Prediction Video Script

Prediction Output TabSelect what you want to predict and how far ahead in the future to make the prediction. Prediction Output Tab Video Script

Dates TabChoose sections of the data file for evaluating the model and specify time periods for signals in intraday charts. Dates Tab Video Script

SharesEnter information such as the size of your account balance, the number of shares you want the model to trade. Shares Video Script

CostsEnter commissions, margin percentage, slippage, point values for futures, or the home currency for cross pairs. Costs Video Script

PositionsDecide if you want the prediction to trade long and/or short, and the trading thresholds. Positions Video Script

TrainingSet a training objective for the neural network, as well as the number of hidden neurons to use in the network. Training Video Script

AdvancedSelect an Optimization method as well as how long to train the model and average trade span. Advanced Predicition Video Script

Save Prediction TemplateSave a prediction template for use in other charts. Save Prediction Template Video Script

Built-in Prediction TemplatesChoose from prediction templates based on popular indicators. Built-in Prediction Templates Video Script

What to predict and which inputs to useLearn how to build successful predictions. What to predict and which inputs to use video script

Prediction ResultsExamine the results in order to determine if the model is successful. Prediction Results Video Script

Applying Models and Examining Results

Equity curves and position indictorsExamine the success of a model using the Trader’s Trading Strategy system and position indicators. Learn how to use the trading signal from one model in another model. Equity curves and position indictors video script

Applying Trading Strategies and Predictions to new dataEither open the chart with new data from a datafeed or update a data text file and open the chart in order to view current trading signals. Applying Trading Strategies and Predictions to new data video script

Applying Trading Strategies and Predictions to new stocks, futures, etcAdd chart pages to apply existing models to new instruments. Applying Trading Strategies and Predictions to new stocks, futures, etc. video script

Portfolio ViewDisplay the data and trading signals for all of the instruments in a chart in summary form. Portfolio View Video Script

Data Feeds and Files

Data overviewUse data from a data vendor or your own text files to create models in the Trader. Data Overview Video Script

Data ServersChoose from several different end-of-day or intraday data feeds that work with NeuroShell Trader. Either choose the data feed from the servers list included with the Trader or download data feed programs directly from the vendors. Data Servers Video Script

Compatible types of data filesChoose from text files saved in .CSV format, as well as CSI and MetaStock formats. Compatible types of data files video script

Mapping data filesDesignate folders on your computer that store data files you want to use in the Trader. Mapping data files video script

Modifying data in a chartCorrect bad data ticks by modifying a price or volume data stream. Modifying data in a chart video script

Exporting data from a chartExport chart data and graphs from the Trader using the Tools menu. Exporting data from a chart video script


AlertsAdd sound or screen warnings to your Trading Strategy. Alerts Video Script

Alerts and Orders WindowDisplays alerts, a list of active Trading Strategies, current market positions, and trading orders for all open charts. Alerts and Orders Window Video Script

Integrated Trading

Sending orders from Trader to a brokerage or E-mail account ‘ Choose to send trades from a Trading Strategy directly to a brokerage or to a list of E-mail addresses. Sending orders from Trader to a brokerage or E-mail account video script

Choosing a broker or E-Mail list ‘ Select trading options such as sounds and pop-up confirmations, or choose a broker or the order E-mailer option. Choosing a broker or E-Mail list video script

Interactive Brokers installation ‘ Install the Trader WorkStation trading platform to accept trades from the NeuroShell Trader. Interactive Brokers installation video script

Sending orders to Interactive Brokers ‘ Send orders directly to Interactive Brokers based on signals from a Trading Strategy in the Trader. Sending orders to Interactive Brokers video script

Order Emailer ‘ Learn how to set up the Trader’s Order Emailer with or without an E-mail account on the trading computer. Order Emailer Video Script

Trading Forex

Forex sizing and costs ‘ Learn how to set the sizing and costs tab in the Trading Strategy Wizard when building models for Forex. Forex sizing and costs video script

When to use exchange rates ‘ Set up the Trader to show results in your home currency, as well as trade based on an account balance stated in your home currency. When to use exchange rates video script

Exchange rate terminology ‘ Find out how the Trader uses the terms base, quote, and home currency to set up exchange rates. Exchange rate terminology video script

How to set exchange rates– Learn to set the exchange rates in either the Prediction or Trading Strategy wizards, and select the appropriate symbol that will be used as an exchange rate. How to set exchange rates video script


How optimization works in Trading Strategies ‘ Learn how optimization changes parameters such as the number of periods in a moving average indicator in order to create a more profitable trading rule. How optimization works in Trading Strategies video script

How optimization works in Predictions ‘ Discover how optimization selects indicators and/or changes indicator parameters when they are used as inputs to a neural network. How optimization works in Predictions video script

Optimization algorithm ‘ Choose from among GeneHunter, evolution strategy, swarm, and brute force optimization methods. Optimization algorithm video script

Multi-core distributed optimization ‘ Set up NeuroShell Trader to distribute optimization processing across multiple computer cores and multiple hyper threads on a single computer for faster results. Multi-core distributed optimization video script


Ticker ScanningScan a large number of ticker symbols based on single or multiple rules and/or indicators. Ticker Scanning Video Script

Portfolio Analysis

Chart Page CalculationsUse these special indicators to decide which stocks, futures, etc. to buy and which to sell in order to maximize your portfolio equity. Chart Page Calculations Video Script


Setting NeuroShell Trader OptionsSet preferences for your trading style. Setting NeuroShell Trader Options Video Script


Change computers or make changes on existing computerDeactivate before you want to use Trader on another computer or when you make changes to the computer where Trader is installed. Change computers or make changes on existing computer video script

Power User

Multiple Frequencies on the Same Chart (Power User Version Only) Adds the ability mix and match multiple time frame data, indicators, predictions, and trading strategies. Multiple Frequencies on the Same Chart Video Script

Position Sizing (Power User Version Only) Adds options for determining how many shares/contracts/units to buy with each trade. Includes the option to let the optimizer choose the best position sizing parameters and/or method. Position Sizing Video Script

Pyramiding/Scaling (Power User Version Only) Adds the ability to increase or decrease a position in increments. The optimizer can determine the max number of entries and percentage change for each increase or decrease. Pyramiding/Scaling Video Script

Pyramiding/Scaling Fixed Shares (Power User Version Only) Explains the relationship between setting a fixed number of shares on the Sizing tab and the scaling settings on the Pyramiding tab. Pyramiding Scaling Fixed Shares VideoScript

Position Size Graph Notation (Power User Version Only) Trader charts display the number of shares/contracts/units to buy or sell. Position Size Graph Notation Video Script

Walkforward Optimization (Power User Version Only) Trading Strategies Only: Adds the ability to “walkforward” optimizations such that each new optimization is applied to a new out-of-sample actual trading period. This allows users to evaluate the out-of-sample performance of a strategy reoptimized regularly on newer data. Walkforward Optimization Video Script

Multiple Template Optimization and Backtesting (Power User Version Only) Trading Strategies Only: Adds the ability to optimize and backtest multiple templates simultaneously using the same data, cost, position sizing, position scaling and optimization parameters. Multiple Template Optimization and Backtesting Video Script


  • If this help topic is displayed whenever the NeuroShell Trader runs, you can turn it off after you have viewed all the videos by unchecking the Show on Startup menu item in the Help menu.


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