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You now have the world’s most intelligent tool for building successful trading systems. We know you’re anxious to get started. Here are some tips to get you up and running as soon as possible.


1. Watch the videos. It will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. Go to the NeuroShell Trader Help menu, choose video, and select the video of interest.


2. Set up a data source. You need data to begin building your trading system. Some sample end-of-day data was placed on your hard drive during installation, but you need a regular source of data for issues of interest. Watch the data videos for details.


3. Check out the options. Much of what you see in the program depends on selected options. You may be looking for a feature that you thought we had, so to make changes, open the Trader program and go to the Tools Menu, select Options, then click on the Wizards tab.


4. Look for Help. Wherever you are working in the program, there is usually a context sensitive help button nearby. In addition, the program defaults with the Interactive Tutor turned on. If you’ve turned it off and want help on a particular screen, simply go to the Help menu in the Trader and click on Interactive Tutor.


5. Example Charts. The Trader includes many example charts that showcase different techniques on how to use the program. Simply go to the File menu and select open. Look in the charts subfolder of the NeuroShell Trader directory. The charts range from beginner to expert levels of expertise. Even if the chart is based on an instrument that you don’t normally trade, you’ll learn some effective techniques.


6. Additional Resources. The NeuroShell Trader help file includes a written script for the videos for your reference. You may also contact our technical support department by phone (301-662-7950 – have your serial number ready) or email. Send your email to su*****@wa*********.com. Please include your serial number in the subject line of the email so it is not lost in our spam filter.


One final note. Most NeuroShell techniques are transferable between issues and bar sizes. While a video may show how to insert an indicator in a daily chart for a stock, the same techniques apply to 5 minute bars or for other issues such as futures. Special considerations are noted where appropriate.

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