Create Your Own Prediction Video


In this example, we’ll create a prediction model for Occidental Petroleum. To begin, go to the Insert Menu and select New Prediction. We’ll select the “no template option” rather than using one of the prebuilt models.


Next we’ll add some inputs to the model. Click on the “add inputs” button and then select the Price Momentum category. We’ll choose the MACD, RMI and Stochastic %K indicators. We’ll use the default parameter values for these indicators. We’ll do the same for the neural network’s training criteria.


Click next and the prediction will be created. Clicking on the finished button displays the prediction on the chart. The blue and red triangles are the buy/sell signals and are based on comparing the net’s prediction for the percent change in open to a threshold value.


Once you have created a neural net prediction, the trained model will continue to generate signals as future data is downloaded.

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