Prediction Wizard – Templates

This screen shows the prediction templates available for use. Prediction templates are preconfigured predictions that allow you to create a prediction quickly without having to know or worry about all the details of creating one from scratch.
(Power User only) Power User versions of NeuroShell Trader allow the ability to mix and match multiple time frame predictions in a chart, indicators, trading strategy or even other predictions.
To Select the prediction frequency, choose one of the options shown:

  • Same frequency as chart – When selected, the prediction will be the same frequency as the current chart and will change frequencies with the chart if you change the underlying chart frequency.
  • Chart independent frequency ‘ When selected, the prediction will be the frequency that is selected in the frequency dropdown to the right and will not change frequencies if you change the underlying frequency of the chart.

Select the prediction template you wish to use:

  • To select an existing template:
  1. Select the desired template from the list.

  • To create a prediction from scratch
  1. Select (No Template) located at the top of the list.

When you are satisfied with the template (Power User only) and frequency the prediction will use press the Next button to proceed to the next wizard screen.

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