Bottom Up Method Video


In this video we’ll show you how to combine indicators in the Indicator Wizard using the bottom up method. Go the Insert menu, indicators, and then look for the Averages category, simple moving average. We’ll create both 5 and 10 period moving averages at the same time. Simply select the Modify Parameter button and enter 5, 10. After you click finished both moving averages are displayed.


To create the spread between these moving averages, we’ll go back to the insert menu, indicators, and look for the Time Series category to find the Spread indicator. Note that you may have to click on the Options Button to display the Time Series category. Click on the check box beside the category, then click ok. Next highlight the Time Series category, click next, and then select the Spread Indicator. Change the time series 1 parameter to the 5 period moving average and then change the time series 2 parameter to the 10 period moving average. Click finished and the indicator of the spread between 5 and 10 period moving averages is displayed.

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