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Welcome to NeuroShell Trader. There is a Tutorial with Training Videos to help you get started. These short videos are absolutely the best way to learn to use the Trader. They’ll save you hours of time, but you will need a speaker and sound card installed on you computer.

Additionally, there are some overview topics you should read, and some examples you should go through. The overview topics are in green below, and you just click on each green topic to jump to the information in it. However, if you are an anxious person that just wants to get started, you can read these later and just go down to the examples.

Overview Topics:

What is the NeuroShell Trader?

What the NeuroShell Trader is NOT



There are eight examples. Go through them in order. These will help you understand how to use the NeuroShell Trader.

Click here for instructions on how to Load Examples

More about the Interactive Tutor:

Now that you’ve read the overview information and studied the examples, you may be ready to build your own chart. This is where the Interactive Tutor starts to help you. With every new screen you load, the Tutor changes and gives you instructions about the situation you are in, and tips about what you can do next. Sometimes there is troubleshooting information and green jumps for deeper information.

Data Sources

Opening an Existing Chart

Creating a New Chart

Printing the NeuroShell Trader Manual

At some point in the future, perhaps not right now, you may want to read the following topics:

Troubleshooting Your Model – What to Do if You Feel You Haven’t Been Successful

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Tips

Tips for Using the DayTrader Successfully (DayTrader Only)


  • To jump to topics shown in green, simply position the mouse over the green text and press the mouse button.
  • To turn the interactive tutorial on and off, simply check and uncheck the Interactive Tutorial menu item on the Help menu.

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