What is the NeuroShell Trader?

The NeuroShell Trader and NeuroShell Trader Professional are revolutionary products for building and testing sophisticated trading systems. They are so powerful that beginners as well as professionals will be able to handle a wide range of complex tasks. You can utilize the most powerful and advanced artificial intelligence techniques, like neural networks and genetic algorithms, as easily as you use indicators and optimizers. You’ll be running circles around artificial intelligence Ph.D.s and statisticians.


Use the NeuroShell Trader for the following tasks:

  • Predicting prices, price changes, and indicators into the future

  • Developing buy/sell signals and discovering trends

  • Using our library of over 700 indicators, including regression, arithmetic, rules, logic, to build powerful trading rules

  • Building complex technical indicators from our base library without using a programming language

  • Backtesting of trading with your own rules, predictions, and/or indicators

  • Building neural network financial models that are optimized by either increasing profit or minimizing prediction error

  • Graphing prices, indicators, and predictions

  • Exporting predictions and indicators for use by other programs

  • Discovering multidimensional patterns in time series data that are too complex to be visualized


The NeuroShell Trader is revolutionary because it was built from the beginning for predicting financial markets. It is not a neural network package that has been adapted for finance, nor is it a financial or charting package that has been adapted for neural networks. The neural nets, charting, indicators, and backtest trading are elegantly blended together so that they all work seamlessly together. In one word, it is “ergonomic”.


The NeuroShell Trader is revolutionary for another reason, too. The neural networks used in the NeuroShell Trader are new, state-of-the-art, and unlike any others you may have seen before. They are the result of several years of research. There are absolutely no parameters to set and no neural network knowledge whatsoever is required to use them. They are very, very fast and accurate. If you do have previous neural network knowledge, you should forget it because you won’t need it for these nets. There is nothing to know and no complicated testing process.


The NeuroShell Trader includes the tools that can make neural nets work for you. The nets train in seconds rather than hours so you can test your trading systems in a reasonable amount of time. The Trader’s ability to mix data streams (exchange rates to predict stocks, for example) enables you to build complex models. You can seamlessly blend several neural nets or other models into a single trading system that is robust over changing market conditions. You can use the NeuroShell Trader to enhance your existing trading system, a technique used by many successful traders.


In the NeuroShell Trader, all prices, indicators, and predictions are data streams that can be operated on just as raw data. Indicators can be fed into predictions and other indicators. Predictions can also be fed into indicators and other predictions. Both nested indicators and nested neural networks are not only possible but also easy. The possibilities are endless.


A complete portfolio of stocks, futures, or other issues can be loaded into one multiple page chart (limited by memory). Any indicators or predictions you make to the first issue in the chart are automatically applied to all of them, saving you hours of work that you would have spent using other neural network programs.


You can fine-tune your trading system before you trade it by “walking forward” with every neural network prediction. That is, you can train the network on a couple of years of data back in time and then test the predictions on the next year. Then, automatically, the program will step forward in time to train and test again for you on more recent data. This continuing process shows you how consistently predictive your indicators and other input variables have been through the past.


In the NeuroShell Trader Professional, you have all features of the NeuroShell Trader, plus powerful optimization done by evolutionary genetic algorithms. You can use the optimizer for finding the best indicators, parameters for those indicators, and trading rules. You can also use it to find the best inputs for neural network predictions and for trading rules.


The optimizations in the NeuroShell Trader Professional are not “exhaustive search” processes, meaning that they don’t work by trying every combination in turn. This enables far more parameters, rules, etc., to be optimized at once in a reasonable period of time.


Here is a very important feature of the trading strategy optimizer: you can run backtesting on more recent time periods than those upon which the optimizations were performed. This means that you can have true out of sample testing to prevent you from trading with “over fit” models.


In the NeuroShell Trader Professional, you will have a choice of several optimization objectives other than minimizing error or maximizing net profit. For example, minimizing drawdown, maximizing return on trades, maximizing correlation of predictions, and many more.


The NeuroShell Trader Professional also gives you more advanced indicators, like Principal Component Analysis, wavelets, and Fourier analysis. It features alerts you can set to notify you of important trading situations. Finally, you have control over how many hidden neurons are used in the neural networks both during and after optimization.

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