Warning About Using Custom Indicators and Some Add-ons on non-US Systems

The NeuroShell Trader may incorrectly interpret custom indicator default values if a computer is set to non-US regional settings. Add-ons are generally custom indicators, so they are affected too. For example, if a custom indicator was built on an US computer and has a parameter preset to a default value of 0.05 , this parameter may show up as 5 on a non-US computer. The default optimization ranges of such parameter may also be affected. If this happens on your machine, the way to work around is to set fractional parameters manually.

Affected are some of our add-ons such as Cybernetic Analysis, Clusters, Advanced Indicator Set 2 (Parabolic SAR indicator), Fuzzy Pattern Recognizer (FuzzyGA indicators), Neural indicators. When using these indicators on a non-US regional settings, make sure that you enter fractional parameters manually. Otherwise, you could get some really poor results.

This problem occurs in release 4.6 and below. It will be corrected in release 4.7.

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