Setting up DTN IQ Feed to Work with NeuroShell Trader

To download the needed software, click on the link “Download Client” from
Look for the link IQFeed (Datafeed) and download and install the DTN Client.

Next download and install the version of the IQFeed Adapter for NeuroShell Trader that matches your version of the Trader.

Go to the Windows list of programs installed on your computer and find IQFeedforNST.   Click on the name and you’ll find IQFeedforNSTDocumentation which explains how to set up DTN IQFeed and another link to IQFeedfor NST Setup, the program you run to add the symbols and .lst files that are read by NeuroShell Trader.

Once the symbols have been added, open NeuroShell Trader and go to the Tools Menu, Data Sources, Server Tab, and choose IQFeed for NST as the data source.  Click on the setup button to enter your DTN UserId and password as well as select your time zone.  Check the exchanges of interest and then close the Servers tab.  You should then be able to create a chart with data from DTN IQFeed.

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