DTN IQFeed Setup and Troubleshooting

Setting up IQFeed for NST:

To setup DTN for the first time, you must do the following:

For more detailed step by step instructions on #4 and #5 above, see the document entitled “IQFeedForNST Documentation” in the IQFeedForNST folder of your computer’s start menu.

To lookup and determine specific ticker symbols for DTN IQFeed, use the symbol lookup webpage on the DTN iqfeed website at http://www.iqfeed.net/symbolguide/index.cfm?symbolguide=lookup&displayaction=support&section=guide&web=iqfeed&alpha=1&start=1 


Troubleshooting DTN IQFeed:

If you are having troubles loading DTN data after having followed the setup instructions above, the following are some possible issues and steps to fix those issues:

If there are no exchanges listed on the NeuroShell Trader Data Sources Server tab:

  1. Go to IQFeedForNST on the start menu of your computer and run IQFeedForNSTSetup.
  2. This program should should be run every so often to update the symbol list

If there are no ticker symbols listed when you try to create new chart:

  1. Go to IQFeedForNST on the start menu of your computer and run IQFeedForNSTSetup.
  2. Go to Tools->Data Sources->Servers and select the exchanges for which you wish to access data. Note that selecting more exchanges than you will use can cause significant slowdowns, so much better to only select desired exchanges.

If you previously downloaded DTNIQFeed Internet:

  1. The DTNIQFeed Internet program interferes with the NeuroShell Trader Interface.
  2. Remove that program by going to your computer’s control panel and removing it using Uninstall a program.

If data is not updating in the chart after a chart is loaded:

  1. Remove the stored data for that instrument (Tools -> Data Sources -> Server -> Manage Real Time Files -> Select All -> Delete Selected Items
  2. Reload the chart again and it should load with fresh data.

To check if the data connection to DTN IQFeed is working in general without NeuroShell Trader being involved:

  1. go to the Start Menu, IQFeed folder and run IQLink Launcher or Charts

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