Switching to DTN IQFeed from eSignal

IQFeed isn’t pre-installed like eSignal is, so it won’t be there until you download and install the NeuroShell Trader Adaptor that DTN built. But follow this sequence:

1. Download and install latest NeuroShell Trader from www.ward.net. It will make things easier for you when you do the switch.

2. Now make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest IQFeed Client. Go to www.IQFeed.net/NeuroShell and click on “Download client”.

3. On the same page from which you downloaded the Client, you can download and install the NeuroShell Trader Adaptor, now that the Client is in.

4. The Adaptor also installs something you have to run to download all the symbol files from DTN. It gets installed in: C:\Program Files\DTN\IQFeedForNST. Go there and run IQFeedNSTSetup.exe. Be sure to check “Allow streaming updates.” Then it has two buttons you have to press in order: “Download Symbol File” and “Generate LST File”. The former downloads lots of symbols, and the latter loads all of them into NeuroShell. This takes some time, but you’ll appreciate getting all the latest symbols put into NeuroShell for you. At the end do a Save/Quit.

5. Load up NeuroShell and you should be able to select IQFeed now. After you select the exchanges you have subscribed to, NeuroShell will ask for your IQFeed Username and password. Then you should be good to go.

6. From time to time you can run that IQFeedNSTSetup.exe to get and install all the latest IQFeed symbols.

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