Options – Point Values

Use the point values options to specify the point values for each futures or forex ticker symbol you might use.


The point value specifies the amount by which the futures or forex price is multiplied to determine the dollar value of a contract. Point value should be used in a prediction or trading strategy if you want the profit/loss results to reflect the actual dollars you gained/lost instead of the points gained/lost.


  1. To add a ticker symbol to the list, press the Add Ticker button.

  2. To change the point value for a selected ticker, press the Point Value button.

  3. To delete selected tickers press the Delete Ticker button.

When you have finished entering point values, press the OK button.

  • In order for point values entered into this list to be utilized by a trading strategy or prediction, the Point Values for futures, forex, etc check box must be selected on the Costs tab in the parameters dialog of the trading strategy or prediction.


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