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Use the chart options to select the Open Chart retrain/rebacktest prompt sensitivity and chart auto saving.


To set the Open chart retrain/rebacktest prompt sensitivity, select one of the options shown:

  • Least Sensitive ‘ Prompt upon stock splits or other major price adjustments. This means you will be prompted to retrain/rebacktest when the NeuroShell Trader detects a split or a major price change. This is triggered when the last date of your prediction or Trading Strategy (when trained or backtested), changes its price by five percent or more.
  • Recommended Sensitivity ‘ Prompt if last trading position has changed due to changes in data. This means that if for some reason you’re trading position does not match the same trading position as when you last saved your chart, you will be prompted to retrain/rebacktest. For example, this will prompt you if when you saved your chart you were “long” on the last day of training/backtesting and when you load your “new” data with the chart you are no longer “long” (short or no position) at the same date/time. This would happen if your data has changed and a trading signal was triggered with the new data, but it wasn’t with the data you had loaded the previous time that you saved the chart. This option will also prompt you when the Least Sensitive option would have.
  • Sensitive ‘ Prompt when data does not extend as far back in time as when previously saved. This means that if your request for data was not filled back to the original date the Trading Strategy or Prediction were backtested or trained over you will be prompted to see if you want to retrain/rebacktest. This option will also prompt you when either of the lower sensitivities would have.
  • Most Sensitive ‘ Prompt if data is not exactly the same as previously saved. This means that even the slightest change in data will prompt a retrain/rebacktest message. This option will also prompt you when any of the lower sensitivities would have.

Chart auto saving allows unsaved changes you have made to a chart to be recovered in the event of a power failure, system crash, or other unexpected termination of NeuroShell Trader execution. If such a unexpected termination occurs, the next time the NeuroShell Trader is run, you will be prompted as to whether or not you wish to load the auto saved chart(s). While the NeuroShell Trader is running, the auto saved charts are saved in the NeuroShell TraderCharts directory under the name of _NSTTempXX.cht (where XX represents a number not already used for saving other temporary charts). If no unexpected termination occurs, the auto saved chart(s) for the current session are deleted upon closing a chart or when exiting the NeuroShell Trader.

To set Chart auto saving, select one of the options shown:

  • On ‘Charts will be auto saved after every major change made to the charts and prior to the start of prediction training or trading strategy backtesting.
  • Off ‘ Charts will not be auto saved.

When you are satisfied with the Options press the OK button.

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