OnDemand Data: Adding International Symbols

Due to Neuroshell having a practical limit of about a few hundred thousand tickers and OnDemand having many millions of tickers available to you, we don’t put every ticker into the Neuroshell list, only the most popular ones.

However, you can still access all the tickers, you just have to enter the ones you need.

So for example let’s add the Stockholm 30 Index and Nordea Bank to NeuroShell.

First we need to lookup the symbol and I’m going to use Yahoo as the example (Note: OnDemand can also source data from other providers, please read the OnDemand manual for a list of data providers).

Going to:  http://finance.yahoo.com/, in the search box, I type:  Stockholm 30   and ^OMX shows up as the symbol.
Now for Nordea, I type Nordea into the search box, and it provides a list of possibilities, I find the one I want, Nordea Bank AB(pub) Stocks on the STO exchange, which is symbol:


Note here, for yahoo, .ST is the exchange, so most of the tickers you’re used to on the Stockholm exchange would end in .ST, so do don’t have to look everyone up.

Now because it’s just simpler with the multiple datafeeds available to you in OnDemand, to specify the datafeed you want to source the data from (instead of using the default), we qualify the symbol with the datafeed, so the 2 symbols we need to enter into Neuroshell are:


So we start Neuroshell, go to File / New / Price Volume Chart and click “Next”.

Then  select “Daily” and a “Choose How Far Back to initially load data” date of some day in 1990 (that’s the starting date for the chart, change as you wish), and then click Next.  Selected “Indexes”, click Next.

Now you’ll see a ticker list and we need to enter your symbols, so hit the “Insert” key on your keyboard (sometimes it’s called Ins), to add a new symbol, of click on the “Add New Ticker Symbol” button, fill in as follows:

Ticker:  ^OMX@YAHOO
Name:  Stockholm 30 Index
Category:  Indexes

Then hit OK, and you’ll see that symbol highlighted, leave it highlighted and hit Finished, you chart will load with the Stockholm 30 Index in.   In this case I noticed volume information seems to be sporadic recently for this symbol, if this isn’t expected then try one of the other datafeeds in OnDemand.

Now for Nordea, repeat the process of opening a new chart and adding a symbol, but this time we want the Stocks category.

Name: Nordea Bank
Category: Stocks

Finally, if you need to add many symbols at once, it can be easier to add them to a text file instead of adding them from within neuroshell.

To do this, look in the folder \Neuroshell Trader 6\Servers\OnDemand Server and you’ll notice:


These contain the 2 tickers you just added, in CSV format:   ticker,description    for example:

You can populate this list with more by using Excel or something that can read Comma Separated Value format  (text editor can be used carefully for example), but will need to restart Neuroshell afters to reload that list.

I recommend reading the OnDemand Manual too, it contains a lot of information on datafeeds and other possibilities.

Shout if you need any more help.

Mark Simpson
Bowfort Technologies Inc.

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