Installing NeuroShell Trader

System Requirements
NeuroShell Trader requires a Pentium (or equivalent) 1.4 GHz (or faster) computer, 128MB of RAM, at least 40MB of hard disk space and Windows 200 or XP operating system (NOT 95, 98, ME or NT).
To install NeuroShell Trader

  1. Click the Start button and choose the Run
  2. Press the Browse button and locate the NeuroShell Trader Installation that you previously downloaded from the web link provided by Ward Systems Group.
  3. Press the OK button to start the installation.
  4. Follow the installation instructions.

To run NeuroShell Trader

  1. Choose Programs from the Start menu.
  2. Choose NeuroShell Trader 5 group.
  3. Choose NeuroShell Trader.

If you receive an error when trying to run NeuroShell Trader please refer to Troubleshooting.

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