Exporting Data from a Chart Video


The Tools Menu has options for exporting data and graphs from your chart. If your chart displayed the snapshot, historical or portfolio views, you may choose to export any of them as well.


You can view data files in programs such as Windows Wordpad or Excel. Image files may be opened in Windows Paint or similar programs. If you save either the data or image to the clipboard, you can paste it into similar programs.


The next step for data files is to select data items such as open, high, low, close, volume, the Trading Strategy and equity curve. Then choose whether the file should be formatted with comma, tab, or space separators. Choose a name and a location to store the file.


If your chart includes more than one chart page, you have options for exporting data values for the visible chart, separate files for each chart page or combining the data into a single file.


If you’re exporting a chart graph, you need to choose either the metafile or bitmap format, graph dimensions, and a name and location for the file.

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