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The NeuroShell Trader reads ASCII or text files, as well as files in the CSI and MetaStock formats. The Trader also reads many free data files available on the Internet.

For NeuroShell Trader to read an ASCII file, the extension must be: .CSV, .TXT, .PRN, or .ASC. To recognize price, the column labels must Open, High, Low, and Close. You may also include additional columns with different data.

One column must contain dates and include the column label “Date”.

The data must have dates in sequential order either starting at the earliest date and progressing to the most recent date in the last data row OR starting with the last date and progressing to the earliest date in the last data row. Note that this doesn’t mean that every date must be included (i.e. Weekends, Holidays, etc.).

The data columns must be separated by commas, tabs, or spaces. If your Windows regional settings recognize a semi-colon as a standard Windows list separator, that will also work.

Intraday data files used in the DayTrader must have either a time included in the date column or a separate time column which contains a valid time.

See the NeuroShell Trader help topic Data Files “Data Files” for more details.

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