Mapping Data Files Video


The NeuroShell Trader loads data files based on directories it knows about, called mapped directories. To view currently mapped directories, go to the Tools menu, Data Sources, and then click on the Directories and Files tab. To widen any of the columns, move the line in between the columns. To resort the list, click at the top of the column on which you want to sort your data.


If you need to add a new directory, click on the Add Directory button and select the folder where the data is located and say ok once you’ve selected it.


Often when directories are added, they are classified as miscellaneous. To change the category, click on the directory you want to change and then click on the Change Directory button and select the new category.


When the Trader first begins, it scans all of the mapped directories looking for new data. If you have a large number of mapped directories that you no longer use, it’s a good idea to remove them to speed up processing. Select the directory or directories you wish to remove, then click on the Remove Directory button.


The Trader scans for files in MetaStock format, CSI format, or text files. See the help files for details.

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