Distributed Optimization and Network Versions

Distributed Optimization Single Computer

Use the distributed optimization options to control how optimization processing is distributed across multiple computer cores and multiple hyper threads on a single computer.

As an example, if you have an Intel Core i7 processor, which has 4 processing cores each with the ability to process two simultaneous hyper threads, the NeuroShell Trader optimization processing can be spread out to 8 different threads instead of the single thread optimization of previous NeuroShell Trader versions. Theoretically, up to an 8x speed increase in optimization could be realized on a Core i7 computer, however due to the overhead of controlling, setup and communication with each distributed thread, the speed increase may approach but will never reach 8x.

Select Optimization multi-processing settings:

  • Distribute optimization across multiple processor cores: Controls whether or not optimization will be distributed across multiple cores and multiple hyper threads on the computer.

When NeuroShell is optimizing using all available cores and hyper threads, other programs may be less responsive due to sharing of the computer processing power with the optimization. If this becomes a problem, simply limit the number of cores and hyper threads utilized during optimization by changing the setting of the Use X of Y available cores/hyper threads option, where X is the number of optimization threads to run and Y is the maximum available for the computer/processor.

NeuroShell Trader Home Network, Office Network and Corporate Network Versions – Multiple Computers

  • Distribute optimization across networked computers: Controls whether or not optimization will be distributed across multiple computers on a network. The Home network version is limited to 3 computers, the Office Network version to 10 computers and the Corporate Network version allows more than 10 computers.
  • Set network computers used by default: Allows the selection of which computers are used during optimization, how many cores on each computer are utilized and the process priority on each computer. Note that if you select the “Prompt at the start of each optimization …option described below, this same dialog will be displayed again at the start of every optimization.
  • Prompt at the start of each optimization for the network computers to be utilized: Controls whether or not the “Set network computers” dialog will be displayed at the start of each optimization. Selecting this option allows the customization of which computers are utilized for each optimization that is run. If this option is not selected, then you will need to press Set network computers used by default to choose the default computers prior to your first network optimization.


  • During Optimization, when distributed optimization or network optimization is being performed for a prediction or trading strategy, the label beside the progress percent bar will also display the number of threads/cores being utilized by the optimization. To see details of how the optimization is being distributed, double click on the label showing the number of threads/cores being utilized to display the Distributed Processing Control Panel. The Distributed Processing Control Panel shows the computer, individual count, total %, average time, last count, last % and last time for each processor

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