Cross Hair Cursor

The allows you to position horizontal and vertical lines on the chart and view data in the snapshot view for the bar where the cursor is located.

Once you are in mode you may:

  • Use the mouse to select the date by clicking on the chart.
  • Use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to move one bar.
  • Use the page up and page down keys on keyboard to move 20 bars.
  • Use the mouse to select the date by clicking on a date in the Historical View

When you are in mode you can still do all of the things that you can do in selection mode, as shown below:
Changing Line Style and Color
Dragging and Dropping
Displaying Data
Using the
Zooming Chart
Unzooming Chart
Scrolling Chart
Viewing a Different Chart Periodicity
Hiding/Unhiding Data
Renaming Chart Data
Adding Existing Data/Calculations to a Chart
Adding Data from Another Instrument
Creating an Indicator
Creating a Prediction
Creating a Trading Strategy
Modifying Data Files
Modifying an Existing Indicator
Modifying an Existing Prediction
Modifying an Existing Trading Strategy
Deleting Data from a Chart
Using Cut/Copy/Paste
Viewing a Different Chart Page
Adding/Removing Chart Pages
Format Chart
Full Screen Chart
Arranging Charts
Saving a Chart
Saving a Chart as a Different File
Printing a Chart
Emailing a Chart
Data Sources
Creating a New Chart
Opening an Existing Chart
Opening Most Recent Charts
What is the NeuroShell Trader?
What the NeuroShell Trader is NOT
Displaying Data
Load Examples
If you are a new user please read the following topics:
Troubleshooting Your Model – What to Do if You Feel You Haven’t Been Successful
Frequently Asked Questions
Performance Tips
Tips for Using the DayTrader Successfully (DayTrader Only)


Technical Support

  • To jump to topics shown in green, simply position the mouse over the green text and press the mouse button.
  • To turn the interactive tutorial on and off, simply check and uncheck the Interactive Tutorial menu item on the Help menu.
  • Check the tech support and advanced user web site frequently to get the most up to date information about the NeuroShell Trader (including tips).


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