Viewing a Different Chart Periodicity

  1. Viewing a different chart periodicity can be very useful if you want to see the results of your analysis in different time frames or time increments. Depending upon your original data files and sources, you can choose from periodicities of either daily, weekly, monthly, (DayTrader Only) hourly, minute, second or volume bars. Note that Second and Volume bars may not be supported depending upon the data feed being used and therefore Second and Volume may not displayed.



You may view a different chart periodicity by:

  • Selecting a new periodicity from the third drop down list at the top of the chart

Additionally, when using some data feeds, you can choose to display after hours or all market sessions by:

  • Selecting the AfterHours check box to the right of the periodicity drop down list at the top of the chart. If this check box is not displayed, then you can not display after hours data with the current data source.

Be careful when using after hours data as the volume in after-hours is usually far less then during normal market hours and therefore might mess up existing predictions and trading strategies.

  • If you have any predictions or trading strategies on your chart, they will need to be retrained and rebacktested every time you change to a new periodicity or switch between after hours data.


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