Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Abbreviation: CCI
Category: Price Momentum Indicators

Input Parameters:

Name Range Default
High Price High
Low Price Low
Closing Price Close
Periods Int >= 2 5
Deviation Multiplier Real > 0.0 0.015


MP – Avg(MP, n) 

Deviation Multiplier * MP Deviation 

MP Deviation = (Sum over n periods of Abs(MP[-n] – Avg(MP[0], n)) / n
MP = Mean Price = ( High Price + Low Price + Close Price ) / 3
n = Periods

MP[-n] represents the MP value n days ago. When calculating MP Deviation n goes from 0 to n – 1.

Avg represents Simple Moving Average
Abs represents Absolute Value


Provides a measurement of the deviation of the current mean price from the average mean price relative to the deviation of all the previous n mean prices from the same mean price average. Upward market movement is indicated by positive values, while downward movement is indicated by negative values. The larger the positive or negative value, the stronger the upward or downward movement. The actual magnitude of values will vary depending upon the user’s choice of deviation multiplier.

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