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For Programmers
Many indicators you want to use in your Trading Rules either are included in NeuroShell Trader or they can be created by combining those same indicators using the indicator wizard.  However, there are times when combining indicators doesn’t work. 
If the indicator you want to build requires iteration or variable manipulation, you can program it in a standard computer language such as Power Basic,  or C++ and creating a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). Only real DLLs are accepted (not COM).   Once you create a DLL, it can be called in NeuroShell Trader just like any other indicator using indicators from the External Program and Library Calls category.  
Sample Code for An Adaptive Moving Average Indicator
If you can remember anything from your college programming classes, you can program indicators for NeuroShell Trader similar to the Adaptive Moving Average indicator in our example chart.  This moving average indicator can adapt by linking the average periods to a time series rather than a fixed period.
This indicator was programmed in Power Basic, which is a fast, easy to learn compiler.  
Click here to download the NeuroShell Trader chart and the Dynamic Link Library created from the source code.
Click on the file to unzip it and then move the AdaptiveAverage.DLL to your c:\NeuroShell Trader 7\template directory and then copy the chart to the c:\NeuroShell Trader 7\charts directory.  Once you’ve opened the chart, the indicator will be saved in the Custom category for use in other charts.

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