Adjusting chart times when using DataPump datafeeds

Except for eSignal, all intraday datafeeds into NeuroShell DayTrader Professional are built using our datapump technology. There have from time to time been occasions where the times displayed on the chart when using a Datapump feed are off some number of hours. Usually it is some type of daylight savings time discrepancy in some timezone. If this happens to you, of course Ward Systems and the data provider or your programmer will endeavor to fix the problem. In the mean time, there is an easy way to adjust the chart times an even number of hours forward or back if you are using release 6 or later.

First close NeuroShell DayTrader. Use Windows to look into the NeuroShell Trader 6 folder. Find the file called nstparam.ini and open it into the Windows notepad. (Sometimes double clicking will accomplish that.) Look near the top under [Advanced Options] for the parameter called NSTFeedTimeOffset=0 and modify it for the number of hours you want to shift the chart times. For instance setting NSTFeedTimeOffset=1 shifts times on the chart by one hour forward, whereas setting NSTFeedTimeOffset=-2 shifts times on the chart by two hours back.

Then save the file and restart NeuroShell DayTrader.

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