Tradepump changes between 5.3 and 5.4

Heres a list of all the things that were fixed with regards to the Trade Pump in between 5.3 and final 5.4.

Upgraded to utilize Interactive Brokers Version 9.3 API. Installs version 9.3 of the tws.ocx and twssocketclient.dll, so no need for end users to install IBs api.

Updated Interactive Brokers Interface to better handle IB disconnects and reconnects. NST will now sense IB disconnects and reconnects, continue to try to reconnect to IB when disconnected, not send out new Trades when IB disconnected but instead wait for up to 60 seconds to see if IB reconnects to send trade otherwise abort sending trade after 60 seconds elapses without a reconnect.

Fixed integrated trading issues related to reversal orders being made inactive and NST not always continuing to trade after orders made inactive.

Fixed integrated trading issue where orders signaled after last order was signaled, but before last order was sent to brokerage would cause chart, alert form and brokerage to become out of synch.

Fixed issue of integrated trading sometimes stopping to issue orders due to chart and alerts and orders window becoming out of synch due to wrong order being placed by order form.

Fixed integrated trading issue where stops filled by a brokerage would sometimes not fill in NeuroShell Trader.

Fixed issue of integrated trading conflicts when selecting multiple trading strategies at once to trade when the integrated trading server still hasnt loaded.

Fixed issue of integrated trading entry and exit points marked with an X, not showing up on the red bar except on the currently displayed chart page when the trade occurs.

Fixed problem of IB not responding due to the About to connect to IB message box being behind the Alerts and Orders window.

Anyone who wants to use this documentation to build their own trading interface to NeuroShell needs to be aware that an experienced programmer is required, and it is beyond the scope of technical support to assist in this programming or the subsequent debugging.

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