Creating an install program for datapump, tradepump, and add-on apps

Some of you are making datafeeds, brokerage interfaces, and add-ons that you might like to distribute or sell to other users. In order to make it easy for end users to install your work, you should create an install procedure using one of the Microsoft or other commercially available install packages. Your install will usually place folders or data into the folder where the user has installed NeuroShell. If you want to locate hat folder instead of asking the user where to install, here is information on how it can be located:

The NeuroShell Trader Install program writes to the file NSTrader.ini in the windows directory. The .ini file that gets written during installation contains the entry “Directory=” which is the directory to which the user chose to install NeuroShell Trader. So for instance if the .ini file contains “Directory=C:\NeuroShell Trader 6” , then, for example, simply add a “\Servers” to the directory to set a data pump installation to “C:\NeuroShell Trader 6\Servers”.

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