Speeding Up The Add-Ons

Some of the add-ons consume lots of time if you load them up with inputs. However, here are three tips that you can use if you don’t want to wait:

1. Just put the add-on in a long entry and a short entry, making a reversal system. If you leave out long and short exits, there are only half as many parameters to optimize, and half as much processing.

2. Use the add-on as the only input to a net in the Prediction Wizard. Of course the add-on itself has many inputs. Set the max number of hidden neurons to 0, so the prediction is only doing a linear regression. That way there is only one copy of the add-on running, and the Prediction Wizard is finding thresholds for long entry, long exit, short entry, short exit. This method should work for these add-ons: Cluster Indicators, Adaptive Net Indicators, Neural Indicators, and the Fuzzy Pattern Recognizer. There isn’t any point with Adaptive Turboprop2, since it is fast anyway. This method may or may not optimize as well, but it will surely be a lot faster.

3. Don’t use any of the indicators beginning with “Trading Strategy:” in your trading strategy, because they are of necessity very slow.

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