Save Chart As Dialog

  1. In the Look In drop-list, click the drive where you want to save the chart.
  2. In the box beneath Look In that lists directories and files, double-click the name of the directory where you want to save the chart. Continue double-clicking sub-directories until you open the sub-directory in which you want to save the chart.
  3. Type the name of the chart in the File name or if the file name already exists in the list of directories and files, click the chart name.
  4. Check the Save data in chart checkbox to save the current underlying data with in the chart. Use this feature when sending charts to other people and you want to guarantee they are seeing exactly the same data without differences in files mapped, data feed provider, new data, etc. Note that when a chart with saved data is loaded, you have the option of loading with the saved data or getting data from the normal sources (data feed, files, ‘).

  5. Press the Save button.


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