Reporting Issues with Integrated Trading

If after rebacktesting trading strategies and restarting integrated trading, you are still encountering problems with integrated trading, then please email us all the following items to fully document the problem:

1) A bitmap screen shot of exactly what you are seeing on your computer as sometimes when charts are reloaded on our computers, the same issue doesn’t show up.

2) The chart you were using with the data saved in it just after you see the problem.

3) All the IntTrdx.log files found in the NeuroShell Trader 6 directory (where X runs from 1 to 20).

4) All the IBClientX.log files found in the NeuroShell Trader 6/BrokerageServers subdirectory.

5) Any other observations on your part or message boxes you might have encountered that you believe are relevant.

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