Print/Export – Setup

The interface allows you to select the type of print/export you want to perform. Using this interface you may print to a printer (portrait or landscape), export to a file, or copy to the clipboard:

  • To print to a printer (this option may not be available if you don’t have a printer defined in your windows environment):
  1. Select the Printer option.

  2. Select if you want to print in Landscape mode or Portrait mode.

  • To write to a file:
  1. Select the File option.

  2. Enter the name of the file that you want to write to (you may use the Browse button to help you).

  • To copy to a clipboard:
  1. Select the Clipboard option.

When you have completed selecting how you want to setup your print/export select the OK button to execute the print/export or select the Selection tab to select what you want to print/export.

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