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Use the wizards options tab to select Default Wizard Interface Options.

The wizard interface options control the complexity of the trading strategy, prediction and indicator wizard interfaces.

By selectively turning on only desired interface options, you can customize the interface to show only those trading strategy, prediction, and indicator parameters and options that you will use. With the majority of the interface options turned off, you have a simple and easy to understand interface for creating basic trading strategies, predictions, and indicators. With the majority of the options turned on, you have an extensive interface for creating complex trading strategies, predictions, and indicators.

To avoid being overwhelmed by the vast capabilities of the NeuroShell Trader, we recommended that new users start with all the options turned off. Once you become comfortable with the simple interface, slowly begin experimenting with the more advanced options.

To choose Default Wizard Interface Options:

  1. Use the + and – to expand or collapse categories in the list.
  2. Click in the box to the left of the option text to select or deselect an option.

For detailed information on each of the wizard interface option see:
Trading Strategy Wizard Interface Options
Prediction Wizard Interface Options
Indicator Wizard Interface Options

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