Dates Trading Strategy Video

Another of the model parameters is a Dates tab, which allows you to select sections of your data file for evaluating the model.

Choosing the option to “Save optimization which performs best on later paper trading” causes the Trader to build a model on the earliest data and evaluate that model on a more recent set of data before saving the best model. When you click on the checkbox, you have the option of choosing a number of bars or an exact date.

If you select the “Start Trading before last chart date” option, you can apply the trained model to new data that wasn’t included in the training set.

If your Trading Strategy is based on a prediction, you can check this box to match up the dates used in the Prediction wizard with those in the Trading Strategy.

If you’re working with intraday models, an additional check box will be displayed that allows you to identify a time period when you want the model to generate signals.

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