Chart Wizard – Selecting Instruments

Selecting the instruments that you want to view allows you to choose which instruments you want to view on your chart. You can always Add/Remove Chart Pages at a later time.

  1. Select the instrument or instruments you wish to chart.
  2. Press the Finish button to end the wizard and display the chart.

To sort by ticker symbol:

  1. Select the Sort by Symbol option.


To sort by name/description:

  1. Select the Sort by Name option.


To show only the items selected in your list:

  1. Select the Selected items only option.


To show all the items in the list (both selected and not selected):

  1. Deselect the Selected items only option.

If you are using ESignal as your data source, you have the option of adding instruments that are not already listed. To add a new ticker symbol:

  1. Press the Add New Ticker Symbol button.
  2. Enter the instrument’s ticker symbol into the Ticker box
  3. Enter the instrument’s full name into the Name box
  4. Select the instrument’s category using the Category drop down box.
  5. Press the OK button to add the new instrument.


  • If you select multiple instruments, each one will be displayed on its own ‘chart page’. Once the chart is displayed, you will be able to flip between ‘chart pages’.
  • Any analysis technique (indicators, predictions, ‘) you create will automatically be applied to all ‘chart pages’.
  • Once a chart is created, you can add/remove instruments by selecting Add/Remove Chart Pages under the Edit menu. Analysis techniques already applied to the chart will be replicated on each new ‘chart page’.
  • If you are using the data installed in the NeuroShell Trader Data subdirectory, you may see extra letters after the stock name (For example: Microsoft MSQ ZMF ZJZ). This is an indication that the stock is an optionable stock and the letters are the actual root symbols for the stock’s option contracts.


  • To select a group of instruments, hold the left mouse button down while you drag the mouse over the desired instruments.
  • If you are unable to find a ticker, you’ll want to make sure that your data is setup correctly. For information on how to setup your data review: Setting Up Data Directories and/or Setting Up Data Server.


  • If the instruments listed are not what you expect for the category you chose on the previous wizard screen or instruments are missing that you think should be present for the previously selected category, then you will need to change your data sources settings. To do this, press the Cancel button and select Data Sources from the Tools menu.


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