Chart Wizard – Selecting an Instrument Category

Selecting the instrument category will select what type of chart you want to view. From this point on everything on your chart will be based on this type of instrument data (you will always be able to view other instrument data on any chart, but your chart will be based upon this type of instrument data).

  1. Select the type of instrument you wish to chart.
  2. Press the Next button to proceed to the next wizard screen.


  • If you think the categories listed are incorrect or some categories are missing, you will need to change your data sources settings. To do this, press the Cancel button and select Data Sources from the Tools menu. For information on how to setup your data review: Setting Up Data Directories and/or Setting Up Data Server.
  • When the underlying data is categorized as Mutual Fund or Market Fund data, then trades that occurs in backtests of Predictions and Trading Strategies using Market Orders will be filled at the closing price to more accurately represent actual closing price fills that occur when trading funds in the real world.


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