Chart Wizard – Choosing a Chart Template

This screen shows the chart templates available for use. Chart templates are preconfigured charts that allow you to create a chart layout and analysis quickly without having to worry about all the details of creating one from scratch.

The following Analysis Templates are distributed with NeuroShell Trader:
 Bollinger Band Strategy
 MACD Crossover Strategy
 Moving Average Crossover Strategy
 RSI Strategy
 Stochastic Crossover Strategy

To select an existing template:

  1. Select the desired template from the list.

To create a chart from scratch

  1. Select (No Template) located at the top of the list.

When you are satisfied with the template the chart will use press the Next button to proceed to the next wizard screen.

  • Any chart that is saved by selecting Save Chart as Template from the File menu will be available as a chart template in the New Chart Wizard. Therefore, if you want to create your own custom chart templates, you need only save a representative chart as a template.


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