Performance Tips

Below is a list of items that may improve the performance of NeuroShell Trader:

  • If you find that everything you do causes your hard disk drive to be accessed, then your system may require more memory to minimize use of the swap file used by the operating system. We recommend that NeuroShell Trader be used with a minimum of 128 megabytes of memory; however, if you are creating complex charts you may require more. For more information on this issue refer to your operating system manual or help file.
  • Try to avoid hidden information on your chart. The more information that you have on your chart (hidden or visible) requires more memory, slows NeuroShell Trader down, and produces larger size chart files which in turn causes charts to load slowly. By removing unused hidden data from your chart, you will most likely find that NeuroShell Trader loads and manipulates the chart faster. Note that indicators in your chart used to create other indicators or used as input predictions may no longer be needed and can be deleted without affecting the indicators or predictions that use the indicators.
  • Use the Format Chart to limit your chart to dates that are relevant. The more data bars that are displayed on the chart, the slower the operation of the chart.
  • Map only the data files / data directories that you use, mapping unnecessary files will require more memory, and slow down NeuroShell Trader. To remove unnecessary files refer to Setting Up Data Directories.
  • Purge data that you don’t use. Limiting the size of your data files will allow NeuroShell Trader to read the files faster. If you have already limited the dates using Format Chart, then this will only improve performance during loading of files.
  • Remove unnecessary programs that run in the background from your startup folder. These files are running in the background when other programs are run and thus NeuroShell Trader must share system resources with these programs. In particular, the FINDFAST program installed by Microsoft Office 97 (which can be run from within Office 97) consumes a lot of system resources at all times and if removed may improve NeuroShell Trader performance.
  • Defrag your hard disk. This allows your file system to access your files more quickly.


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