Multiple Template Optimization and Backtesting Video


The NeuroShell Trader Power User versions let you backtest and optimize multiple Trading Strategy templates at the same time.


First create a chart. You have the option of including more than one chart page. In this example, we have Harmony Gold and Harley Davidson.


Next we go to the Insert Menu and select new Trading Strategy. You can select multiple templates, either default ones that came with the program or ones that you’ve created. Simply click on the templates you want to backtest.


Next, the Trading Strategy Wizard skips to the modify Trading Strategy parameters screen. That’s because the rules are different for each template. If you click on modify Trading Strategy parameters, you can set the dates, sizing, pyramiding and cost values the way you want to test all of the templates. The default values are listed from the first template you selected on the list. Once you’re finished there, click OK and next and the templates are optimized.


After backtesting is complete for all of the templates, you can review the results. Click inside the box for reach template you want to display on the screen. Click finished and you’ll have an individual Trading Strategy for each template.

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