Multiple Frequencies on the Same Chart Video


The Trader gives you the power to include range, volume, second, minute, hour, and daily bars in the same chart. Mix and match multiple time frame data, indicators, predictions, and trading strategies to build trading models the way you look at your data.


We’ve created a 5 minute chart for Deere. Every time you open the Indicator, Trading Strategy, or Prediction Wizards, and when you insert Existing Data/Calculations, you’ll see an option for using the same size bar as the chart or a different frequency.


We’ll insert a 15 minute ADX indicator. In the Indicator Wizard we’ll choose the chart independent frequency option and type in 15.


Next we’ll add a 7 minute RSI indicator.


We’ll use these indicators as inputs to a neural net prediction. When we insert the Prediction, note that you can also change the time frequency here, but we’ll predict 5 minute bars.


For inputs we’ll use the 7 minute RSI indicator and the 15 minute ADX indicator.


We’ve displayed the prediction on the chart and zoomed in. You can see that the 15 minute ADX and 7 minute RSI values are flat when they cross the 5 minute boundary.

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