March 2000 Newsletter

I. NeuroShell DayTrader Professional Shipping Today

Today we are going to start shipping the NeuroShell DayTrader Professional to those who pre-ordered, and in the sequence they ordered. This may take several days, after which we will start shipping new orders.

As we promised, the NeuroShell DayTrader now saves historical data downloaded from This became necessary because in the last month has gotten very busy during market hours, in our opinion ( probably got a great deal more customers since we announced they would be our first supported feed! Recent email messages from them indicate they will be adding more servers). Getting ticks is no problem, but downloading large amounts of historical data can often be slow when the markets are open. So the best thing to do is download historical data after the market closes, and the NeuroShell DayTrader will reload it for you from disk the next time you open the chart. Only more recent data will then need to be downloaded.

We find’s website a little difficult to navigate, so for those who want to know what exchanges they support, here is the web reference:

We have worked very hard to produce the NeuroShell DayTrader, and it has taken quite a lot of work. We appreciate the help we received from our beta testers and others.

Many suggestions have been made to us regarding features you’d like to see, data feeds you’d like to be supported, etc. We appreciate those suggestions, and those we were not able to implement will be visited in future versions of the NeuroShell DayTrader. Our very next effort is to try to support more data feeds.

We think you will agree the NeuroShell DayTrader Professional is a milestone in financial forecasting using artificial intelligence.

Join the revolution!

II. NeuroShell Trader and Trader Professional 3

Just after we finish shipping all of the NeuroShell DayTraders, we will put a new release of the Trader and Trader Professional on for free download. This will be release 3. Release 3 fixes some bugs with no major enhancements, but we nevertheless highly recommend that everyone download and install it, since it is very difficult to do technical support for anyone not on the latest release.

III. Prophet Finance Compatible with NeuroShell Trader

We have been working with Prophet Finance to make sure that their daily data supply is compatible with the NeuroShell Trader series. They have two products which work nicely with the Trader: ProphetDirect (Dial Data format) and ProphetLink (choose MetaStock format instead of ASCII format). If you have been looking for an end of day data provider, call them to discuss these products. They have a 30 day free trial. Their phone number is 650-566-8055, and their web site is

IV. Neural Nets for Your Drinking Water

How’s the water in your city? If it’s not very good, maybe you should suggest that your city engineers contact Chris Baxter at the University of Alberta. For some time, he and his colleagues have been applying NeuroShell nets to a number of processes at two Edmonton water treatment facilities.

Here is an abstract of one of Chris’ latest papers, and information about how to contact him:


In order to improve drinking water quality while reducing operating costs, many drinking water utilities are investing in advanced process control and automation technologies. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, specifically artificial neural networks (ANNs), is increasing in the drinking water treatment industry as they allow for the development of robust non-linear models of complex unit processes. This paper highlights the utility of ANNs in water quality modeling as well as drinking water treatment process modeling and control through the presentation of several case studies at two large-scale water treatment plants in Edmonton, Alberta.

Chris Baxter, M.Sc.
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Office (780)492-3441
Fax (780)492-8289

V. Tick Data Compatible with NeuroShell Trader and DayTrader

Not too long ago, Tick Data, Inc. came under new management. The new owner, Neal Falkenberry, CFA, is a long time customer of Ward Systems Group who has produced some excellent neural network models. He is not only an expert in neural network financial modeling, but an expert in adjusted continuous futures contracts as well. We have just tested some ASCII tick files Neal sent and find they load without any problem into the new NeuroShell DayTrader for historical model building (no real time feed). Tick Data has end of day data too. So contact Neal if you are looking for expertly adjusted continuous futures data. The web site is, and the phone number is 703-757-1370.

VI. Advanced Indicator Set 1

The NeuroShell Trader Professional has around 800 technical indicators. However, that didn’t stop our users from wanting more! They sent us requests for more indicators, some of which were simple to build, and some of which required a great deal of research. So we built another add-on called the Advanced Indicator Set 1 with these requested indicators. These are not part of the Trader, Trader Professional, or DayTrader Professional, but you can buy them as an optional add-on if you want them. They require release 3.0 or above of the NeuroShell Trader, Trader Professional, or DayTrader Professional. The price is just $249 plus shipping for the package of indicators. Watch (Addons sidebar) for more details of the indicators in Advanced Indicator Set 1, which are listed below:


Aroon Down
Aroon Up
Aroon Oscillator
Chaikin Accumulation/Distribution Oscillator
Hodrick-Prescott Filter
Keltner Channels
True Range
Volume Adjusted Moving Average (VAMA)


Choppiness Index
Polarized Fractal Efficiency


Polynomial Regression
Polynomial Predict


Moon’s Illuminated Fraction
New Moon
Moon’s First Quarter
Full Moon
Moon’s Last Quarter


First Monday of the Month Flag
Last business day of the Month Flag
Number of days since High occurred
Number of days since Low occurred
Week of the Month
Week of the Year


Constant Value

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