(Servers only) Adding New Data Server Ticker Symbols

The NeuroShell Trader comes with a very large number of predefined ticker symbols that can be requested from a data server. However, you may find that there are other ticker symbols that you wish to receive from the data server that are not already predefined (stock options, futures contracts, initial public offerings, ‘).

To add a single instrument or a small number of instruments you should add them using the Chart Wizard. To go to the chart wizard select New Chart from the File menu. After selecting the start date, periodicity, and instrument type you may add additional instruments by selecting the Add New Ticker Symbol button.

Otherwise, to add a large number of tickers to the universe of ticker symbols recognized by NeuroShell Trader follow the directions below.

The universe of tickers that can be requested from a data server is defined by the ticker list files in the servers subdirectory (C:Neuroshell TraderServers<Server Name>). When the NeuroShell Trader loads, it reads each of the ticker list files in the server subdirectory to determine the universe of tickers that can be requested from the data server. Each ticker list file in the servers subdirectory corresponds to an item in the Data requested from data server list found on the Server tab of the Data Sources dialog. By selecting or unselecting an item in the list, you are essentially selecting or deselecting all the ticker symbols contained in the corresponding ticker list file.


Do not add new tickers to one of the preexisting ticker list files that are installed by NeuroShell Trader. If you make changes to a ticker list file that is installed by NeuroShell Trader, all your changes will be overwritten when newer releases of NeuroShell Trader are installed.

To create a custom list of ticker symbols you should create one or more new ticker list files. The following are the guidelines to follow when creating a new ticker list file:

  1. The file name must end with .LST
  2. The file name will be displayed in the Data requested from data server list in the Data Sources dialog.
  3. The ticker symbols will be added to the Miscellaneous Instruments category unless the file name contain the category title (For example: Stocks.LST, My Future Symbols.LST, Custom Stock Options.LST, ‘)
  4. Each line of the file must be of the form Ticker Symbol, Description (i.e. MSFT, Microsoft). If no description is entered, the ticker symbol will be used as the description.
  5. No header line or blank lines are allowed in the file.

Once you have created a new ticker list file in the servers subdirectory, you must restart the NeuroShell Trader before the file will be selectable in the Data requested from data server list. None of tickers listed in the file will be available in the NeuroShell Trader until you have selected the file from the Data Requested from data server list.

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