Datapump Example Using An Unmanaged Export Of A .net DLL

This is a sample Data Pump using native C# .net 4.0 (optionally with 2.0 or greater). The data pump’s magic is using Unmanaged Exports, so that the .net dll behaves like a normal unmanaged c++ dll. This is not using COM. It is an example of the data pump that I use, written in C#, without my implementation.

Instructions.txt file:

This project only logs the calls from Neuroshell to a file next to the dll. It’s up to you, to add your implementation to return bars and ticks to Neuroshell.

I’ve used this code works in version 5 and 6 of Neuroshell.

There is a zip file “Files in Neuroshell-Servers” this contains a pre built example. The zip file contains the dll, folder, and sample symbols to make the data pump log calls to the log file.

After building the .net version of the dll it in the normal Bin\<build> folder.

The unmanaged versions are rebuilt using a ms build task into Bin\<build>\x86 and x64 folders.

Being that Neuroshell is a 32 bit application, only use the dll under the x86 folder, not x64.

Written by: Rob Hull ro*@hu*******.com

The credit for unmanaged .net dlls goes to:
Robert Giesecke

The code can be downloaded from

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