TradeStation Trading Server

To setup integrated trading so that NeuroShell Trader sends trades to Trade Station account:

  1. Select Options on the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Send orders to brokerage option located on the Trading Orders tab.
  3. Select Trade Station from the Brokerage drop-down.

Note: If Popup order prompt/confirmation is checked, then NeuroShell Trader will ask you if you want to send orders before sending them, otherwise it will simply send orders without user interaction.

  1. At this point, any chart you load that has a trading strategy will NOT automatically start sending orders to Trade Station. Only charts that have active trading already setup will send trades to the brokerage. To setup active trading on a chart, select Alerts/Orders Window from the View menu and select the Trading Strategies on that you wish to actively trade from the list on the Active Trading tab of the Alerts/Orders window.

For information on opening a TradeStation account, visit

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